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Cell Phone Advertising

In 2018, 58% of site visits were from mobile devices.  Cell Phones made up 42% of total time spent online. Are you reaching your entire target audience? Tulsa Online Marketing Company team of mobile developers and web designers can create a customized mobile website or a Responsive Design website to fit your specific company needs while not losing sight of your overall corporate identity.

A purpose-built mobile website will:

  • Expand business visibility to new markets
  • Enhance connectivity with existing customers
  • Increase online sales

A strategically designed mobile website is imperative to compete in our ever-evolving world

Tulsa Online Marketing Company’s mobile website portfolio demonstrates our expertise in developing the most design-responsive, fully functional sites across multiple industries. These mobile sites work with the market’s most popular mobile devices including iPhones, Androids, iPads, Kindles, Nooks and more.

And here’s the really great news… often the development time and cost to build a mobile website is considerably less than the cost to create a traditional website.

Why Should You Use Me?

In regards to my Cell Phone Advertising products vs other companies like AdRoll, mine has more SSP’s (supply side partners), more PMP’s (private marketplace deals), more DMP’s (data management platforms) and more scale to deliver better results.

I have over 2,000 PMP deals and over 100 SSP’s along with over 15 DMP’s integrated for enhanced performance. My system is all managed service and you will see enhance performances as I have access to a lot more and I am able to outperform self serve platforms like AdRoll, pretty drastically.