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Banner Display Advertising

Local Tulsa consumers are spending a lot of their time online these days.  To make sure they see your business, we offer display advertising that puts your message in front of local customers online. With advanced targeting techniques, we show your banner display ads to the right target audience on the top news, entertainment, lifestyle, and social media sites, creating top-of-mind awareness for your business.  Your display banner ads will show up on thousands of premium websites which will build brand awareness for your business.  In fact, our Display Network reaches an estimated 90% of the greater Tulsa online audience.  Across the whole network we have access to 800 Billion available impressions per month.  What’s more, we optimize your campaign’s performance by shifting your budget toward the sites that are the most cost-effective at bringing consumers to your website.  We have the ability to target your ideal audience in a specific geographical area.  Whether you want to target age groups, gender, class, interest groups, income or education we can build a custom solution for you.  In regards to CPM (Cost Per Thousand) we will beat anyones price in the a Tulsa area.

Let us show the power of accessing millions of sites and billions of impressions via Google’s Ad Exchange, AdMeld/MeldX, Context Web/ADSDAQ, Rubicon, and AdECN.


We can enable you to tag and track events like ad views, page views and conversions. Last-click attribution is a thing of the past; we give you the ability to measure performance across channels, giving you a unified view of the entire sales funnel.

Why Should You Use Me?

In regards to my Banner Display Advertising products vs other companies like AdRoll, mine has more SSP’s (supply side partners), more PMP’s (private marketplace deals), more DMP’s (data management platforms) and more scale to deliver better results.

I have over 2,000 PMP deals and over 100 SSP’s along with over 15 DMP’s integrated for enhanced performance. My system is all managed service and you will see enhance performances as I have access to a lot more and I am able to outperform self serve platforms like AdRoll, pretty drastically.