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Google Maps SEO

Would you like to see your business in one of the top 3 positions on Google Maps for certain keywords?

Google Maps SEO

By doing SEO through your Google My Business Account, I can put you in one of the top 3 spots on the maps for a few keywords.  By optimizing your Google My Business (GMB) Listing, I can drive more customers your way and help you dominate the first page of a Google Search page.

Want To Be On Top Of Your Game?

The cost is a one-time fee of $1,000.  All I need from you is to be added temporarily as a Manager of your Google My Business account and a list of 3 keywords you want to show up for in the maps.   

For the $1,000, here is how I will optimize your Google My Business (GMB) listing to get you in the top 3 search results in the maps:

1. Complete and Optimize your Info Menu utilizing your 3 keywords (if it is not complete), add your short name for review link, add your keywords to the business description, add your service areas and optimize the Services Menu by adding keywords to the elements.

2. Post and Optimize 10 new royalty-free photos by geotagging according to your service area. Geotagging the 10 photos means your photos will be associated with the geographical location or service area of your business, which serves SEO.

3. Keyword name the geotagged photos.

4. Upload your photos to the Photos Menu (please note: the order of the photos is automatically decided by Google, I have no influence over it)

5. Write a sample answer to your already received reviews

6. Optimized and created a GMB Post in your Posts menu. It includes the keywords. Live for 7 days, and remains visible on your GMB even after, though you may decide to upload a new live one.

7. Create and Optimize a Google business site by adding keywords with links to your official website. your social, and to the Google listing. The business site is found under your Website menu. It is like a website, but does not interfere with your official site. It does NOT appear in the info menu of your GMB if you already have an official website. It is offered by Google to provide a chance for search engines to read your info, your keywords and also to place SEO links. You don’t need to advertise it or anything else. Only Google reads it and it’s a perfect way to add keyword based text.

All the above will be done IF it is applicable to your GMB account. I will not make any changes in the areas of your account that are already perfect for optimizing for your keywords

Get On Top Of Your Game Today!